How To Use Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner

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how to use bissell revolution carpet cleaner

Ever wondered if there’s a surefire way to transform your dirty carpet into a spotless surface without breaking a sweat? The Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner might just be the answer you’ve been searching for!

This Bissell Revolution cleaning guide will walk you through everything you need to know about this powerful deep cleaning carpets tool. Designed specifically for easy use, this powerful machine makes it simple to handle those daunting carpet-cleaning tasks.

Understanding the Bissell carpet cleaner instructions is key to achieving perfect results. In this article, we’ll break down its features and functionalities, ensuring you can make the most out of your cleaner. Let’s dig in and discover how effortless carpet cleaning can truly be.

Unpacking Your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Unpacking your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner properly is the first step to ensure it works effectively. This section will guide you through what to expect inside the box and the initial setup process to get you started with deep cleaning your carpets.

What’s in the Box

When you open the box, you’ll find several key Bissell Revolution components neatly packaged. These include the main unit, water tanks, a cleaning solution sample, the handle, and various attachments for different cleaning needs.

Setting Up for First Use

Begin the initial setup by assembling your Bissell Revolution. Start with the handle; align it with the main unit and secure it by tightening the screws. Next, attach the water tanks and make sure they click into place. This ensures that your carpet cleaner assembly is correct.

Understanding the Parts

Familiarize yourself with each part of the Bissell Revolution. The clean water tank holds the cleaning solution, while the dirty water tank collects used water. The power brush and various nozzles provide effective cleaning for different types of carpet and stains. Knowing these parts will make your initial setup smoother and help you get the most out of your carpet cleaner.

Preparing Your Carpet for Cleaning

Proper carpet cleaner preparation is essential for achieving the best results with your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner. Following a few simple pre-cleaning tips can make a significant difference.

Pre-Cleaning Instructions

Start by vacuuming the entire carpet to remove loose dirt and debris. This helps your Bissell perform more effectively. For heavily stained areas, consider using a Bissell pre-treatment to break down stubborn stains before cleaning.

Removing Furniture and Debris

Clear the room of furniture and objects to ensure your carpet is entirely exposed and accessible. This step is crucial to avoid any obstacles during the cleaning process.

  • Remove small items like toys, shoes, and rugs.
  • Move larger furniture to another room or area if possible.
  • For immovable furniture, place aluminum foil or plastic under the legs to prevent water damage.

How to Use Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner

Learning how to use your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner effectively ensures your carpets stay clean and fresh. Here’s a step-by-step guide to get you started.

Filling the Water Tank

Begin with the water tank setup. Remove the tank from the cleaner and fill it with hot tap water up to the indicated fill line. This ensures you have enough water for a thorough clean. Don’t forget to securely replace the water tank back onto the unit.

Mixing the Cleaning Solution

Next, let’s focus on the right cleaning solution mix. Add the Bissell-approved cleaning solution to the water tank following the recommended proportions. Refer to the bottle for specific measurements. This mix aids in breaking down dirt and grime effectively.

Powering On and Adjusting Settings

Now you’re ready for operating the Bissell Revolution. Plug in the carpet cleaner, press the power button, and select your desired cleaning mode. Adjust the settings based on the level of cleaning needed, ensuring the machine operates at its optimum capacity.

Cleaning Different Types of Stains

When it comes to tackling tough stains, the Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner proves to be a reliable appliance. Let’s dive into some specific scenarios and the best practices for each type of stain.

Pet Stains

Pets bring joy and, unfortunately, some messes. For effective pet stain removal, start by blotting up the excess liquid with a cloth. Use the Bissell’s pet stain tool and apply the cleaner directly to the affected area. Work slowly and let the machine do the heavy lifting to ensure all traces of the stain and odor are eradicated.

Wine and Food Stains

Eradicating food spills and wine stains can seem daunting at first. Act quickly by blotting up as much of the spill as possible. Select the appropriate cleaning solution and pre-treat the stain if necessary. Allow the Bissell Revolution to pass over the area multiple times to lift those stubborn stains effectively.

Everyday Dirt and Mud

Everyday dirt and mud are common, especially in homes with kids and pets. For these types of stains, vacuum the area first to remove loose debris. Use the Bissell Revolution with a general cleaning solution, making several passes over the area. Your carpet should be fresh and free from dirt after following these steps.

Maintaining Your Bissell Revolution after Use

Proper care for your Bissell Revolution after each use is essential for its longevity. Follow these simple steps for post-cleaning maintenance.

Emptying and Cleaning the Tanks

After completing your cleaning session, make sure to empty both the clean and dirty water tanks. Rinse them thoroughly to prevent any residue build-up. Regular Bissell tank care will ensure your cleaner operates smoothly every time.

Cleaning the Brushes

Brush upkeep is critical for maintaining the efficiency of your cleaner. Remove the brushes and gently rinse them under warm water. Make sure to remove any tangled debris or hair to keep them in top condition.

Storing the Cleaner Properly

Finally, store your Bissell Revolution in a cool, dry place. Ensuring proper storage will prevent mold and any damage to the components. Always wrap the cord neatly to avoid any entanglements.

Common Troubleshooting Tips

Encountering issues with your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner? No worries, you’re not alone. Here are some quick fixes for common problems. If your machine isn’t picking up water, make sure the dirty water tank is securely locked in place. Also, do check that the nozzles aren’t clogged.

If your cleaner isn’t spraying correctly, inspect the water tank. Sometimes, it may not be seated properly. Another common issue involves the machine not turning on. This can often be solved by double-checking that the power cord is fully plugged in.

solving Bissell Revolution issues

If you’re facing reduced suction, the problem could be debris caught in the brush roll. Be sure to clean it regularly. Also, inspect the tank for cracks or leaks, as these can affect suction efficiency.

IssuePossible Solution
Not Picking Up WaterEnsure the dirty water tank is locked and check nozzles for clogs.
No Water SprayingReseat the water tank correctly.
Machine Won’t Turn OnEnsure the power cord is fully plugged in.
Reduced SuctionClean brush roll and inspect the tank for cracks or leaks.

These troubleshooting carpet cleaner tips should solve most common Bissell Revolution issues. By following these quick fixes, you can maintain your machine’s performance without needing professional help. Happy cleaning!


Mastering carpet cleaning with the Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner involves understanding its features and following the instructions provided. This comprehensive guide walked you through everything from unpacking the cleaner to tackling tough stains, and even maintaining it for long-term performance.

Each step you take ensures your carpets stay fresh and immaculate. By adhering to the guidelines, you get the best results possible, making your cleaning process efficient and effective. Final thoughts on Bissell Revolution highlight the ease and reliability of this appliance, proving it to be a valuable addition to your home.

With these insights in hand, you are now equipped to confidently use the Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner. Achieve pristine carpets effortlessly, and enjoy the comfort of a clean living space. Happy cleaning!


What’s in the box when I unpack my Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner?

When you unpack your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner, you’ll find the main body of the cleaner, a clean water tank, a dirty water tank, a hose, a brush roll, a sample bottle of cleaning solution, and an instruction manual. Each component plays a crucial role in the assembly and operation of the cleaner.

How do I set up my Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner for first-time use?

To set up your Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner for the first time, start by attaching the handle to the main body of the cleaner. Then install the clean water tank and fill it with water and the cleaning solution as per the instructions. Make sure all parts are securely connected before powering on the unit.

What are the pre-cleaning instructions I should follow?

Before you start cleaning, vacuum the carpet to remove loose dirt and debris. Move any furniture out of the way and pre-treat any tough stains with a spot cleaner. Make sure the area is clear so that the Bissell Revolution can move freely and cover all sections of the carpet.

How do I fill the water tank and mix the cleaning solution?

To fill the water tank, remove it from the cleaner and unscrew the cap. Fill it with hot water up to the indicated line, then add the appropriate amount of cleaning solution. Screw the cap back on and shake the tank gently to mix the solution before placing it back onto the cleaner.

What’s the best way to clean pet stains using the Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner?

For pet stains, first, remove any solid waste and blot the area with a clean, dry cloth. Pre-treat the stain with a pet stain remover. Use the Bissell Revolution on the deep clean setting for the best results. Go over the stain slowly, allowing the cleaner to extract as much as possible.

How should I maintain my Bissell Revolution after use?

After using your Bissell Revolution, empty and rinse both the clean and dirty water tanks. Remove and clean the brush roll to get rid of any hair or debris. Let all parts dry completely before reassembling and storing the cleaner in a dry place. Regular maintenance helps to prolong the lifespan of your cleaner.

What should I do if my Bissell Revolution Carpet Cleaner is not picking up water?

If your cleaner is not picking up water, check to make sure the dirty water tank is not full and is properly seated. Ensure the clean water tank is also properly filled and installed. If the issue persists, check for clogs in the hose or brush roll. Cleaning these components usually resolves the problem.

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